Tuesday, February 12, 2013

World Peace

World Peace involves a universal acceptance and tolerance of others regardless of perceived differences. World Peace is an ideal nature of humanity that has not yet been achieved, but has always been desired. Although the majority seeks world peace, I do not feel that it is entirely possible because of what history tells us and because of the fact that there will always be those who are unwilling to come to terms with their enemies. Peace among all humans and/or species is not part of nature. It is instinct to compete with others, whether it be over a game or over a limited world resource. With competition comes rivalry, which is what we see today in times of war. Although I do not feel world peace can be entirely achieved, I certainly believe that we can take steps towards a more tolerant and peaceful world. We can help this cause by spreading awareness of world peace on the individual level, as we saw in the video today, and at a larger level, perhaps businesses and corporations. This awareness could lead to a larger recognition and understanding of ways that peace can be achieved. This idea will certainly not reach every person on the planet but it will unite a group of people who are willing to make an effort for peace to a point where forms of hate or violence can be overshadowed or contained. I would be willing to do as much as is necessary to make any sort of change in the effort for world peace, whether it be on the local scale or on a larger scale.

After watching the video, my general mindset about world peace has not changed significantly, but it has offered me valuable insight on seeing how far an individual will go to contributing to world peace. Listening to his experiences has definitely had an effect on me in allowing me to see that world peace isn't just an exaggerated statement, but there are actually people who will go to any level to help the cause. This motivates me to do more to help as well.

David B

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cardboard Arcade

1. How did the internet change the life of Caine Monroy?
Caine Monroy did not attract many customers despite his amazing creativity and will. His dad's business was located in an area that did not allow for his son to experience the amount of customers that he would like to. The internet spread the word about his arcade and made his dream come true.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of "being connected"?
Being connected allows for someone's message to be heard and for events and other activities to be organized. It also allows friends and family stay connected. However, the internet also leaves people vulnerable to anonymous criticism, or even cyber-bullying.

3. How can you use the internet to further your brand?
Other than accepting money or donations, the internet allows people to help you in your efforts to reach your goals. People can offer assistance or advice over the internet and they can connect and relate to you in conversation based on your interests and what you represent.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Buying Twitter Followers? Ridiculous!

Having a large online following allows for someone to get their message across to more people. Many people would like to have this type of power...but it takes a lot of time and effort....or does it? This is where I find buying Twitter followers to be unethical and ridiculous. Gathering followers shows that someone is either relatable, entertaining, or has some type of unique social standing. Buying Twitter followers is a very illegitimate way of gaining attention...that doesn't even PAY attention! Followers are supposed to be people who are genuinely interesting in hearing what you say. Buying Twitter followers does not allow for this, because the motive of the followers is not to listen to the user.

Buying Twitter followers is unethical, and, as they say, "quality over quantity!"

David B
Period 7

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Songs with Meaning List

David Bench 
Period 7 Personal Branding
Songs with Special Meaning
1.  Phil Collins: "In the Air Tonight"
  • Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" serves as a motivator song for me. This is one of the few songs that I know all of the words by heart. The song is very unique in its mix of classic and modern rock styles, and the lyrics have a deep meaning to me. I am able to find determination from this song.

  1. Steppenwolf: "Magic Carpet Ride"
  • Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" is one of those songs that I am able to clear my mind and relax to. There are very few songs that I feel allow me to 'escape' from any difficulties I am having, but this is one of them. I remember listening to this song throughout my childhood (was actually a theme song for a computer game I played) and it brings me a sense of happiness whenever I listen to it.

3. Norman Greenbaum: "Spirit in the Sky"
  • This song is very special to me. This song is of my favorite genre, classic rock, and has a unique meaning to me that I don't get from most other songs. It has a religious meaning to it (the lyrics themselves) and reminds me to continue doing good deeds and try to avoid trouble. It is a very calming song and I have heard it throughout my childhood as it was one of my dad's favorite songs as well.

4.  Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR): "Fortunate Song"
  • This is a very well-known song for its historical context, as it is strongly based on the Vietnam War. This song represents an aspect of my family that I am very proud of. It has a sort of militaristic sense of it and serves as a motivator for me in my hopes of serving in the Air Force, just as my grandfather, father, and three uncles have.

5.  Lyndard Skynard: "Sweet Home Alabama"
  • Another popular song, "Sweet Home Alabama" is a pure and simple song for me to listen to. It allows me to relax when times get tough and/or in stressful times. I know almost all of the words to this song naturally, and it brings a sense of happiness to me just based on its simple, appealing nature.

6. House of Pain: "Jump Around"
  • I am generally not a fan of any rap/hip-hop songs, but House of Pain's "Jump Around" is one of my very few exceptions. I originally heard this song in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire and it had a unique impression on me based on its simplicity and catchy tone. This song is always able to get me moving and has lyrics that are I don't find to be ridiculous unlike some of the other "popular" songs of the same genre. This song always gets me moving!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Artifact: Love for Aviation (with hook)

Think about any single item that represents who you are the best. The artifact that I feel represents who I am would be this model aircraft (specifically Delta Airlines). I acquired this artifact when I was very young, perhaps eight or nine years old. At the time, my dad was a pilot for Delta Airlines and bought this for me on one of his trips to Atlanta. He brought it home for my brother and I, and, at the time, it was a fun toy to play with, but now, it is much more than that. This artifact represents various aspects, more than just who I am. It is special to me because it also represents how even when busy at work, my dad/parents always think about me and my brother and are caring enough to give us occasional gifts without any requests. I also find it to be very special in that my dad was flying this actual aircraft for Delta at the time that he bought the model. This artifact has a special meaning as to who I am as well. I have a very strong interest in aviation and the airlines, as I hope to someday become a commercial pilot just as my dad was. This artifact has a sort of inspiration in it, and it serves as a motivator for me to continue with my hard work and to keep pursuing my goal of someday becoming a commercial airline pilot. Although old and somewhat beaten up, I have always kept this model airplane because it represents several aspects of my life: the first being my relationship with my dad and his thoughtfulness; the second being it's important in my childhood memories; and the third being my inspiration to pursue my interest in aviation.

David Bench
Period 7 - Personal Branding

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Speech Experience

I felt that my speech went well in terms of meeting the requirements of the speech. I was able to meet the time limit and I felt rather calm presenting my idea. The most difficult part was generating ideas as I spoke in order to meet the time limit, but my story was in fact true (not made up) so I was able to recall how I felt and support my idea that way. Overall, it was challenging to meet all of the criteria but I met my expectation.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

“You can either be a big fish in a little pond, or a little fish in a big pond” - Kim Satterfield

- (I am quoting my previous baseball coach here) To me, this quote represents a very strong message of willpower and effort. I view this quote as a representation of ignorance versus determination, in that one can be satisfied with mediocrity and accept it as something better than what it really is (represents ignorance; “big fish in a little pond”) or one can have a constant pursuit to better themselves in what they do (represents determination; “little fish in a big pond”). I find this quote very motivational and I like to apply it to my own efforts in order to ensure that I always strive to better myself.