Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Artifact: Love for Aviation (with hook)

Think about any single item that represents who you are the best. The artifact that I feel represents who I am would be this model aircraft (specifically Delta Airlines). I acquired this artifact when I was very young, perhaps eight or nine years old. At the time, my dad was a pilot for Delta Airlines and bought this for me on one of his trips to Atlanta. He brought it home for my brother and I, and, at the time, it was a fun toy to play with, but now, it is much more than that. This artifact represents various aspects, more than just who I am. It is special to me because it also represents how even when busy at work, my dad/parents always think about me and my brother and are caring enough to give us occasional gifts without any requests. I also find it to be very special in that my dad was flying this actual aircraft for Delta at the time that he bought the model. This artifact has a special meaning as to who I am as well. I have a very strong interest in aviation and the airlines, as I hope to someday become a commercial pilot just as my dad was. This artifact has a sort of inspiration in it, and it serves as a motivator for me to continue with my hard work and to keep pursuing my goal of someday becoming a commercial airline pilot. Although old and somewhat beaten up, I have always kept this model airplane because it represents several aspects of my life: the first being my relationship with my dad and his thoughtfulness; the second being it's important in my childhood memories; and the third being my inspiration to pursue my interest in aviation.

David Bench
Period 7 - Personal Branding

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