Tuesday, February 12, 2013

World Peace

World Peace involves a universal acceptance and tolerance of others regardless of perceived differences. World Peace is an ideal nature of humanity that has not yet been achieved, but has always been desired. Although the majority seeks world peace, I do not feel that it is entirely possible because of what history tells us and because of the fact that there will always be those who are unwilling to come to terms with their enemies. Peace among all humans and/or species is not part of nature. It is instinct to compete with others, whether it be over a game or over a limited world resource. With competition comes rivalry, which is what we see today in times of war. Although I do not feel world peace can be entirely achieved, I certainly believe that we can take steps towards a more tolerant and peaceful world. We can help this cause by spreading awareness of world peace on the individual level, as we saw in the video today, and at a larger level, perhaps businesses and corporations. This awareness could lead to a larger recognition and understanding of ways that peace can be achieved. This idea will certainly not reach every person on the planet but it will unite a group of people who are willing to make an effort for peace to a point where forms of hate or violence can be overshadowed or contained. I would be willing to do as much as is necessary to make any sort of change in the effort for world peace, whether it be on the local scale or on a larger scale.

After watching the video, my general mindset about world peace has not changed significantly, but it has offered me valuable insight on seeing how far an individual will go to contributing to world peace. Listening to his experiences has definitely had an effect on me in allowing me to see that world peace isn't just an exaggerated statement, but there are actually people who will go to any level to help the cause. This motivates me to do more to help as well.

David B

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